Flora Design For Men?

Floral Design For Men

Can all men put it off with floral design shirt?

Over the past few months of our physical store operation, we have quite a lot of patrons and buyers that like our uniquely designed apparels. With a wide range of selection from Cordwainer series (leather fabric), Clasplocker series (zippers designs), Modello series (pattern prints fabric) to the best-selling Botania series (floral prints fabric), each series have their own group of audiences.

The anti-floral design shirt group

Botania – despite being the most enquired and best-carted floral design shirt, we find that there is still a large group of men that are not receptive towards having floral designs in their daily apparel. These guys generally shared the same views towards floral designs. Because afraid of looking girlish or flamboyant, they choose to omit floral design in their daily outfit. To some mature looking “uncle” (what they call themselves), they felt that floral design clothing will give others the impression of “this uncle trying to act young”, as a result causing the unwillingness to give floral design shirt a try.

The active-floral design shirt group

While on the other hand, some guys have a totally different school of thought towards themselves in floral clothing. “Men in floral look gentlemanly, flamboyant is just another synonym of stylishness”. And some of the mature guys feel that floral makes them look younger and this is what most people wish for – To Look Young Again!

In our opinion, it is an individual preference for the type of dressing that we like, however, we should sometimes be a little daring (“loud in fashion”) to try out different fashion style, who knows if that style might suit you better, thus presenting a fresh look to that someone you meet daily, and live your life with excitement!

Always remember this quote, "fashion is what you buy, and style is what you do with it!"