How "Expensive" Are We?

In a world where prices are the competitive edge and prices are the determine factor for consumers to select a product, majority will go toward products that are “cheap”.

Without understanding the reason behind the price tag of a product, most usually make a hasty decision to mark the product as “IS EXPENSIVE!”, “IS NOT WORTH THE PRICE!”, “OTHER STORES ARE SELLING IT CHEAPER!”

But is cheaper option really the best option? At The Blavk, we had many patrons and buyers who accepted our price point because they knew the reason behind their purchased. On the other side, we also receive feedback and comments about our product being slightly pricey. We can’t reach out to everyone to accept our products, however we hope to send out our message to create awareness and be receptive to the price point that we set for our effort, our passion, our products. Just like all other local fashion label – We Need Local Support!


Blavk Prices